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Beauty and Sorrow - Album

by Susan Marie Reeves

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Beauty and Sorrow Susan Marie Reeves c. 1/2011 Finding shelter from the desert storm Your arms opened and you kept me warm Oh, Oh, but you might leave tomorrow When love comes round just jump off the cliff Don’t look twice you’ll always wonder “what if” Oh, Oh, love brings beauty and sorrow Chorus Oh.....oh oh.....oh oh.......oh.........Oh oh......oh oh - (Beauty & Sorrow) Floating in the air in your blue blue eyes Lying on clouds you’re gonna take me high Oh, Oh, we could be gone tomorrow So roll me gently in a field of grass Tell me our passion is gonna last love brings beauty and sorrow - oh oh Chorus Bridge Take a chance, go on release your desire Love can burn like hell, or love can take your higher So find some shelter from the desert storm In someone’s arms let em keep you warm Love brings beauty and sorrow.......... Chorus
My Love Waits Susan Marie Reeves c. 3/2010 I’m sorry that I didn’t love you more when you were here I’m sorry that I cannot hold your hand I’m sorry that I can’t remember last time when you held me I write the words I’m sorry in the sand The pounding waves come closer try to wash you from my soul Red roses floating gently on the shore My life never seemed clearer and my love never so strong As I held you when you walked through heaven’s door Chorus My love waits at heaven’s door My love waits at heaven’s door Forgive me if I’ve gone to far, forgive my quiet rage Forgive me, for crying out your name In the darkness, in the silence, I am hollow, I am lost Forgive me for feeling our love is gone But in between the dark and light, there are glimpses of you here Sometimes I see your face and watch you smile I can even hear you calling out my name from far away I rush to see and find nobody near - oh Chorus I’m hoping you’ll come outside and hold me once more
Tequila 04:22
Tequila John Michael Bunzli & Susan Marie Reeves c. 8/2016 I jumped up on the bar and laid down, tossed my top on the ground There were belly shots going around I got to keep up my image round town, pour me Patron Or Corazon, cause I love tequila Chorus I love tequila ah ah ah ahh ahh I love tequila ah ah ah ah ahhh The band is playing my song, off come my jeans and my thong Everyone follows along, yeah, we was naked as jay birds by dawn It can’t be wrong, we got nothin’ on - god bless tequila Chorus Instrumental Someone’s snoring and holding me tight, I woke up lying next to a man There’s a wedding dress off to my right & a strange diamond ring on my hand, I was gone like the wind, running again, too much tequila
Falling 02:48
Falling SMR/JMB 3/2014 Dawn, I’ve been waking up at dawn, reach for your hand again Forget that you are gone, wish I could stand on my own Hold my head up high, I’m not that strong chorus Faaaalling down On my knees I’m begging for a higher love, to set me free Free, take my heart down to the sea, lay me down Feel the waves crash over me, I think I’ll drown without your love to comfort me, can I still breathe breathe chorus Love gone wrong, hope I hold on chorus I’m begging for a higher love, I’m praying for a higher love, I’m begging for a higher love to set me free Dawn, I’ve been waking up at dawn
Gone To Hawaii By Susan Marie Reeves c. 8/25/2010 Traveling up the coast to the north shore kai, keeping rhythm island songs playing by Fresh air permeating our bodies Raining rainbows in the vortex of love, sunsets brilliant cooing sweet turtle doves Fire on the sand handfuls of stars up above Chorus ll:Ooooh, hooo, hooo, hooooo, gone to Hawaii, High on Kauai:ll Breathing in sweet scents in the air; orange, pink, yellow, flowers everywhere Touching turtles, floating like fish without a care Aloha spirit sinking into our souls, Kamakila boys from the village below Kayak and hike to the secret waterfall Chorus oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh , oh Bridge - Time can’t reach us now, endless summer, gotta stay somehow Rolling naked in the sand, liquid sun, aqua water secrets beach having fun Ancient voices speak until the day is done Kiss the earth, the sky and the rain, love the boys, their beauty remains Surf’s always up, cash in my ticket, I’m staying
Home On The Hill Susan Marie Reeves 8/2014 Rusty Plow……Weeds in the field Broken Swing…..Hanging free Old Red Barn, falling down Home on the hill where I belong Chorus High on a hill, wait for me I’ll come back when I am free Left my heart, my family II: Home on the hill come back to me :II Empty stall, no one to ride Old Hay bale dusty dry No giddy-up, no where to roam II: Home on the hill all alone :II One step in, broken gate War is over, broken leg Shattered windows, half-hung door Coming home, a house no more Home on the hill, a house no more
Waiting 02:45
Waiting By Susan Marie Reeves c. 3/2006 I’m waiting for your touch, I want more Of your hand in mine, want you close all the time Chorus Every time I get you alone, it’s all I can do To keep my hands off of you And every time I get next to you, I feel alive, you feel it too Every time I get next to you I’m waiting for your kiss, on my lips I can’t resist, I want more of this Chorus Bridge Oh I want more of your love, baby love I’m waiting for, your knock on my door Tonight, I’m yours, I can’t wait anymore Chorus Bridge ll: Oh I want more of your love, baby love :ll repeat It’s every time I get next to you
If I Could Dream Again Susan Marie Reeves 7/2017 If I could dream again I’d fly with Peter Pan out my window If I could dream again, On a wild mustang, I’d ride like the wind chorus And my heart would be flying Let go all my crying Oh if I could dream again I want to believe again, magic fairy tales Where the prince takes my hand If I could dream again, I’d slay all the dragons, have peace in our land chorus bridge Just like a child on the wings of a dove I’d soar through the air on the clouds above - pause If I could dream again, You’d suddenly appear……..tell me love never ends If I could dream again I’d see your sparkling eyes, how they smiled my friend chorus
Today Is Our Day SMR- c. 2013 Today is our day Gonna live forever Gonna spend it our way We are together chorus I love who you are And you love me And this is our day, Gonna live it free Along the mountains Down into the sea
Love is floating around us Your holding me chorus Love, Love, Love, Love - repeat Today is our day Gonna live it....... free
Great Blue Sky Tom Prasada Rao & Susan Marie Reeves 7/25/2014 I open open open up my heart Touch me with your lips Warm as the sun On a summer’s day Rock me in your arms As the dolphins play Feel the ocean waves Tickle my toes Gentle on my skin Calling out your name As the tide roles in Chorus Love won’t you take me high Up to the great blue sky All my teardrops fall Into the sea I am letting go Of everything I know All I used to be Take another step Closer my love Hold your hand in mine Footprints in the sand Til the end of time Chorus I open open open up my heart (repeat)
Sea Of Love 03:59
Sea of Love Susan Marie Reeves c. 3/2006 This is what I feel when I feel like I want your love Churning like an ocean, I feel like I want your love pre-chorus I feel I feel a hunger I feel it day & night and I’m going under the tide is pulling me out Chorus Sea of love To the sea of love When you come around my heart goes up & down shimmy shaka gnar gnar, my heart goes up & down bridge Every night I think about you, every night I do Every night I dream about you, every night I do Then I start to wonder do you feel the same I want you near me, do you feel the same?
Cry 03:34
Cry Susan Marie Reeve c. 10/1/2010 I can’t put things back together Even though I try Everything breaks all things shatter All living things die I cannot bring you and I back together Even though I try You’re long gone and I’m stormy weather All I can do is cry Cry I cannot bring you back from heaven Even though I try I miss you now more than ever All I can do is cry Cry, oh, Cry Bridge And I will cry me a river Fill up the ocean to the sky All the kings men try to put me together Everyone tries Let my broken heart lie forever All I can do is cry Cry


The album is a long time in the making, most of the tracks were recorded with my dear friend, Robinson J. Eikenberry, who passed away so unexpectedly in 2017, this album is dedicated to him. Robinson never gave up on me and always supported all of my creative ventures, there is a big place in my heart where he lives. Also, on this album to be released in 2021, my other dear friend, Kenny Edwards, makes an appearance on songs he recorded with me back in 2009........All of the songs on the album are full of Beauty and Sorrow and the title track of the Album is a song by the same name.


released October 1, 2021

Executive Producer/Producer - Susan Marie Reeves

Recording Engineers - Robinson J. Eikenberry*, Jesse Rhodes**, Tom Prasada Rao***, Ron Pendragon****
Final Mixing Engineer - Brian Scheuble (amazing, brilliant)
CD Photos - David Palermo (outstanding)
Artistic portraits - Mary-Gail Green King (superb)


all rights reserved



Susan Marie Reeves Santa Barbara, California

Susan Marie Reeves has been writing music since she was 11, took up piano at 7 & guitar in her teens. Susan plays guitar, strumstick, ukulele, piano & the washboard. She tours across the country. Susan Marie is an award winning songwriter. She won the Silverton, Co jubilee & the Kauai Music Festival songwriter contest. She is also in the highly acclaimed bluegrass band-The Honeysuckle Possums. ... more


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